The Plight of Middle Management!

The Promotion

On a Friday, the surprise came from nowhere, he/she couldn’t believe it, happened so fast; BOSS called in and conveyed “We have decided to promote you as a Manager, Congrats!”; a bit later HR sent out a conformation email with subject promoted as ‘MANAGER’! He/She was very thrilled, excited and took few selfies posted on their social media circles with their new title, by end of the week, there were so many likes with all kind of emotions on the Social Media! He/She was thinking, after all the hard work in the past few years it paid off! It’s really amazing, dream come true! Well, it’s Monday, he/she is back in the office thinking I’m the manger now, and what I have to do now?

The Reality – so what happens next?

It’s one of the toughest career move happens to any one, just above the surface it may all look rosy, but in reality, if they were not trained or if they were not nurtured to be a manager or a leader to lead a team or if they don’t have the skills to perform in their new role, this ride is going straight to hell!

According to leadership development expert Renny Bloch, “many managers are never given the tools or training to manage. They typically rise through the ranks of a technical track and then—all of a sudden—are given a team to manage and are expected to do so effectively. In particular, they struggle with the soft skills: giving feedback, setting expectation, developing their team, and managing conflict.”

Bloch also notices that “many middle managers struggle to manage up. Often, they don’t have all the information they need to make informed decisions. Or in some cases, they are never told why a decision was made from upper management. They are then put in the position to ‘sell’ the change/decision to their team.”

The mid level managers are the backbone of any organizations, they get most of the work done and build bridge between the top management and lower level employees, because some of them are good at something it doesn’t mean he/she will be good at managing people or leading a team or they may not even like to be a manager!

The Possible Solution

Its highly important to create better leaders than mangers, which requires planning well in advance, identifying good talents, making fair and unbiased decisions, constantly communicating to them, listening to their opinions and training them with constructive feedback, improving their inner natural strengths, and minimize the weakness/risks, creating effective programs to develop leadership and people skills and bring out the best management skills by setting examples, coach and nurture them regularly to be a better leaders to lead the future teams , when this doesn’t happen the struggle will continue, in turn it will affect the overall productivity, then history will repeat itself!


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