The Plight of Middle Management!

The Promotion On a Friday, the surprise came from nowhere, he/she couldn’t believe it, happened so fast; BOSS called in and conveyed “We have decided to promote you as a Manager, Congrats!”; a bit later HR sent out a conformation email with subject promoted as ‘MANAGER’! He/She was very thrilled, excited and took few selfies posted on … Continue reading The Plight of Middle Management!


Build a Business not a Startup!

That’s the buzzword I hear wherever I go, Start-up! Start-up! Start-up! It could be a dinner party, an event, a business meeting, a kid’s school program or when I travel! In the past few years everyone wants to start a start-up, students want to dropout, professionals want to leave their job to become an entrepreneur, … Continue reading Build a Business not a Startup!

A Positive “NO” is more powerful than a Negative “YES”!

Why we don't like to say “NO” When I started my own business, it was one of the areas which I have really struggled, my employees didn’t like to say “NO” to me, and they didn’t want to disagree with me in anyways because they didn’t want to displease me! Also when they say “YES” … Continue reading A Positive “NO” is more powerful than a Negative “YES”!